Background music for the wandering mind

wandering mind 2Some people like to work in silence – they concentrate better that way. I don’t.

I frequently listen to music while I work – luckily 50% of my work doesn’t concern much with talking to people. If I do talk, it’s because I must, and to be fair, if you know how to talk, it helps getting the work done in a way that benefits involved sides. 70% of working time I do the translating, 20% surfing Internet for…ahem… “information”, used mostly for my bluffing, and blabbering. Don’t ask me about the 10% left, you can’t handle the truth. (Ah-ha, super famous quote from “A few good men” said by Jack Nicholson; been dying for a chance to use it.)

Translating, unfortunately, is a job which according to some, not a real job; disregarding the fact that it pays me enough to live freely. Not helping anything in career path. Not helping with advancing further in life, and coping with the real world. Not in any way contributing to humankind, the respectable society, nor my highly-educated family. Dear, I wasn’t born to please anybody’s eyes – if it WAS my purpose of existence, dogs and cats would be better than me.

Oops, way off the topic. If you’re among those people who cannot focus without some music background, I’ll give you something to listen to.

  1. The Glitch Mob and similar electronic-style groups

“The Glitch Mob is an American three-piece electronic music group; basic genre is glitch, synthpop, electrogaze”. [Wikipedia] I will pretend that to know what I just typed; but tbh, I have no clue whatsoever – dig it up somewhere else if you must. First track of their debut album “Drink the Sea” (2010) was the reason I put this kind of music on top of list. I have never heard that kind of music before, I was 100% hooked to the dynamic melody, its sick beat and its originality. At that time I was listening to classical music upon working, but sometimes accidentally I stumble on saddening and harrowing pieces of symphonies, and pace of work suffers ‘cause the music affects my mood instantly. So give this kind of music a try when looking for a motivated genre to continuously slam on your keyboard.

  1. Hans Zimmer, John Williams and similar music composers for film score; Two Steps from Hell, Audiomachine and similar production music companies, producing music for movie trailers/ film score

I will do you a favor, giving a short description on how a film score is created:

“A film score (or background score, background music, film music or incidental music) is original music written specifically to accompany a film, forming part of film’s soundtrack, comprises a number of orchestral, instrumental, or choral pieces called cues, in order to enhance the dramatic narrative and emotional impact of the scene. Scores are written by one or more composers, under the guidance of, or in collaboration with, the film’s director or producer and are then usually performed by an ensemble of musicians.

Process of creation includes spotting, syncing, writing, orchestration and recording.

Spotting is the process where director and composer watch the entire film, taking note of which scenes require original music and take precise timing notes for each cue (where it starts, where it ends)

Syncing is aiming to sync dramatic events happening on-screen with musical events in the score.

Writing will be performed by composer after the spotting and precise timings have been determined, some may write on sheet of papers and perform on instrument, others may create MIDI-based demos for review by filmmaker prior to the final orchestral recording. The musical content is wholly dependent on the type of film being score, and the emotions the director wishes the music to convey; therefore it can encompass thousands of instruments’ combinations: full symphony orchestral, solo instrument, rock, jazz, soloists, vocalists, choirs, electronic textures.

Orchestration is the process of arranging or orchestrating, which will be conducted by the orchestrator to write into instrument-specific sheet music for each member of the orchestra to perform.

Recording is the final step following after the music has been composed and orchestrated. The orchestra or ensemble will perform the music with the composure conducting. (some notable ensembles fyr: London Symphony Orchestra; City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra; the BBC Philharmonic…)” [Wikipedia]

The huge amount of work, the involvement of people in this process are enormous, complicated, and take a lot of effort. Words are unnecessary, look them up on Youtube, put on your headphone and prepare yourself for a journey to another world, hell, another universe.

In this noisy world, I’d rather turn deft ‘cause of music rather than the honking of vehicles.

  1. Worth a try:

Apocalyptica’s World Collide;

Globus’s Epico 2006; Break from this world 2011,

Celldweller’s 10 Year Anniversary Edition 2013,

Symphony X’s V: The New Mythology Suite 2000; Paradise Lost 2007,

Mass Effect’s Original Soundtrack 2007, Echoes – EP 2013

BrunuhVille’s Rebirth 2014 (

Nightwish’s Oceanborn 1998, Once 2004

Hans Zimmer’s OST: Inception (2010); Batman (2008); The Last Samurai (2006)

Other OSTs: Sucker Punch (2011); Tron: Legacy (Daft Punk, 2010); Drive (2011); Pirates of the Caribbean; Scrubs (TV series); House (TV series).

P/s: Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Schubert are also very good for your brain and productivity. Chopin will drown you in his vast sadness and lonesome – only approach if you want to shut the world out.

Check out for more interesting reading:

  1. Where do film composers get their ideas

  1. Hollywood Cadences: Music and the Structure of Cinematic Expectation

 Bonus: Hans Zimmer: the Conscious of Creating the Film Score: / Classical and Opera section, you won’t regret it if you’ve already read until now. It’s no issue if you don’t find it interesting, but if you do – high five!

By the way: my all-time favorite albums:

  1. American Idiot (2004) – Greenday: the legend: “Give me Novacaine” would be the one that speaks most to me. I had a great time with “Holiday”. “Wake me up when September ends” was blasting throughout each fucking September, after that year 2004; and personally “Boulevard of Broken dreams” is the song to go to, if someday you want to lie down on the floor, cry your heart out and cut your wrists vertically (don’t believe films where they slit the wrists horizontally, it never actually works)
  2. Hybrid Theory (2000) / Meteora (2003) / Minutes to Midnight (2007) / A Thousand Sun (2010) / Living Things (2012) – Linkin Park: I was Linkin Park’s generation. No more, no less.
  3. The Black Parade (2006) – My Chemical Romance: among 13 tracks “Famous Last Words” impressed me the most with its signature lines “I’m not afraid of keep on living, I’m not afraid to walk this world alone.” The rest would be a marvelous trip to land of despair.
  4. Back to Bedlam (2003) – James Blunt: Every fucking track is brilliant. Why, James, why did you have to go down that road?
  5. Songs for you, Truths for me (2008) – James Morrison: “You make it real” is personal. Thinking back, I believe he made it real for me. Sadly, all good things came to an end.
  6. Come Away with me (2002) Norah Jones: always good for rainy Sunday morning.
  7. Let go (2002) – Arvil Lavinge: can you blame me?? “Goodbye Lullaby” (2011) was quite good, however it could never overshadow her debut album.
  8. The Truth about Love – Pink (2012): I like her attitude. She is nasty, strong, witty, out-spoken and inspirational. Her works have always been a joyride, the songs were never shallow or meaningless.
  9. Too weird to live, too rare to die! (2013) – Panic! At the Disco: try listening to this one under the influence of alcohol or even drunk: it’s a strange yet additive experience.
  10. 25 – Adele: It’s a shame I have to put “25” at the bottom because it was just out this 2015. Out of all three of hers, I would choose to listen to this over and over again.

And many more, but that will be other stories, for days to come.

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