Religious molesters

001When you know of an occurrence when a priest molest a little boy, or a monk sleeps with a little girl, how do you feel?

I feel disgusted, revolted, rage and I just want to rip off their faces, if they ever stand in front of me.

Pretty sure that’s how an investigation team – Spotlight – of newspaper Boston Globe has felt as they uncovered this truth up from the dark which the Catholic Church tried to hide and brought the horrible fact to the light, for the whole world to see.

The Story that inspired Spotlight

Spotlight – a rare movie which I can confidently say that it was not only based on, inspired by true events, but also kept that truth as pristine as possible (largely because majority if the actors have reached out and met with the real people involved; all the original reporters and editors were invited to give opinions and comments in the making of the movie –  not the frequent thing happened in film industry, when almost all the films saying “based on true events” were bent in a way that mainly served the profits purpose first, and most of the time those who involved in such movies loathed the film version of their lives’ stories. (for example: try googling how Dangerous minds totally strayed away from the reality).

[“Spotlight” tells the true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core.]

[“Spotlightis also a massive compilation of direction, editing and writing that will surely be remembered in the coming awards season.  Inspired performances by a superb ensemble cast add ballast and equilibrium to a compelling film that furnishes unimpeachable proof why the future of print journalism must be secured, embraced and protected. Thinking people everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to this film—and to the actual “Spotlight” team that made it possible]

[Spotlight is fresh and invigorating in its painfully frustrating subject matter. Audiences should leave with a renewed belief that investigative reporting is of monumental importance and that stories such as the one originating in 2001 Massachusetts are still out there clouded in red tape secrecy and muffled whispers. It is painful to watch at times. Trusted bonds between people, children, parents and the institution that promotes the opposite to what it sometimes preaches are disgusting revelations that are brought to the screen with sizzling effects.]

Those are the applause for the movie which has just won the 2015 BAFTA for Best Original Screenplay – the prized went to its director/ screenwriter Tom McCarthy, and his co-writer Josh Singer.

Putting aside the excellence of the movie, the top-notch performances of the actors (Michael Keaton; Mark Ruffalo; Stanley Tucci; Rachel McAdams; Live Schreiber); the brilliant, soul-crushing screenplay, as well as artistic and realistic sense of movie directing, the story itself is truly harrowing and worth more attention than all of these mentioned above. It all started in 2002 when the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team – a group of five investigative journalists uncovered the widespread sexual abuse of children by scores of the district’s clergy.

Not only that, the cover-up sends a chill down your spine, because it sounds so familiar a pattern within the authorities’ methods of hiding its immoral officers: the priests accused of misconduct were being systematically removed and allowed to work in other parishes or repositioned in even higher level. [From 13 original priests found guilty in the Massachusetts diocese, the number expanded by 2002 to include 249 priests and 1,000 victims, and the impact of the coverage went global, leading to the eventual exposure of more than 670 pedophile priests throughout the world.]

Interesting enough, the reporters weren’t very religious to feel any internal disturbance during their investigation; as well as the actors themselves. Actor Mark Ruffalo, an outspoken, pro-choice political activist, told reporters at Spotlight‘s Boston premiere about his unsavory experience with the Catholic Church. “I grew up Catholic and the hypocrisy of it and the dogma of it had chilled my relationship with it very early on. Even as a boy, I could feel it. There was a cruelty in the way the nuns treated us. It just didn’t jibe with the teachings of Christ that were being taught, you know?” Ruffalo said that he had friends who were victims of clergy abuse.

Religion is one of masks Predators don’t mind to wear

Religion can be considered as a sacred topic which most people would feel uncomfortable to talk or to discuss freely. It’s one of the three topics we often avoid discussing about in public (politics, sex and religion), due to the fact that it surely arises heat arguments among different minds and viewpoints.

But while politics and sex are kept out of discussion because the politics requires rational understanding on the way the world goes round; sex is more of a personal hobby and would be much more joy in private; religion is more of a sheer choice of belief.

Some people turn to religion in the most desperate, darkest hour to search for peace in mind, and soul; some blindly follow everything single thing that stated in an old-age book, worship an omnipotent figure living up in the sky and believe in it wholehearted. It’s true, without religion – art, culture, history of mankind will suffer terribly, but we cannot deny the fact that one of the worst things happened to humanity – war – partially was caused by religion’s extremists.

The story in Spotlight put into light a hideous truth of those who practice religions, those who set to be the ones would shelter people in dark times, could be the ones who crush us physically, mentally and destroy our faith not only in lives, but in ourselves. And we are degraded to an object, a sex tool, a mere toy to play with.

They prey on children who more or less share the same features such as low-income family, absentee father, broken home, emotionally vulnerable, soft heart, weak-willed,… in most cases boys are targeted not because they’re preferable, but ‘cause they are more ashamed, less likely to talk or express to others when the unspeakable happens. The people – men (and women) who were damaged unthinkably and twice — first, in childhood, by men of God and, later, by an institution that protected the abusers and enabled their abuse.

Words for this crime aren’t enough. You can watch Spotlight to see how the ordeal the adults who have survived such scars when they were children could never stay the same afterwards. Either they turned into alcoholics, drug addicts, self-harm addicts, even attempting suicides. And it could happen to anyone of us. It could damage us in ways we could never understand. It could happen to people close to us, but we might never know. I was lucky, you were lucky, but maybe our friends were not, and our children probably won’t.

I will end this note with how a child can be persuaded into doing all the nasty stuff children should never have to endure, suffer or even know about:

“When you’re a poor kid from a poor family, religion counts for a lot. When a priest pays attention to you it’s a big deal. He asks you to collect the hymnals or take out the trash, you feel special. It’s like God asking for help. Maybe it’s a little weird when he tells you a dirty joke, but now you got a secret together so you go along. Then he shows you a porno mag, and you go along. And you go along, and you go along, until one day he asks you to jerk him off, or give him a blowjob. And so you go along with that too. Because you feel trapped. Because he has groomed you. How do you say no to God?

See, it’s important to understand that this is not just physical abuse, it’s physical abuse too. When priest does this to you, he robs you of your faith.

So you reach for the bottle or the needle or if those won’t work, you jump off a bridge. That’s why we call ourselves survivors.”

– Phil Saviano, a member of SNAP organization – Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

I know for a fact that many monks these days, in our country, are also pedophiles, immoral bastards, even rapists, murderers and criminals. I do not hold grudge for people practice religions, but I detest those who use religion as a mask to commit crime, start wars, gain self-benefits, etc. I do not intend to offend religious folks, I just offer facts.

And I do not plan to defame religion and sacred figures, hell even I have prayed at nights to push back those fucking nightmares and silence demons in my head – but let’s be honest, the way we easily put our faith into another earthly human’s hands, treat them as a representative of God, of Buddha, of Allah, of whoever that is, believe in them blindly without ever thinking twice, or trying to see if it’s rational, reasonable or not – is ridiculous, pitiful, absurd to a great extent.

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