About Petite Gratitude

I’m Tess, my real name is Bao Tran, literally means “Precious Pearl”. I’m grateful to my parents for thinking of me as their precious pearl.

I have been using the phrase “I’m grateful for…” as long as I could remember. It comes naturally as I feel it deep within me, yet, somehow, I don’t really dwell into the act of gratitude as something that can change a person’s viewpoint, mindset even actions that lead to better outcomes. So I created this corner, Petite Gratitude to remind myself that there are so many things to show gratitude for.

Initially, I planned to use this blog to understand more about how gratitude has made an impact on people around me, people who are strange to me, and people who I admire, about the depth of being grateful has turned them for the better.

Gradually, it evolves into a personal journal of all the things I enjoy. Movies, books and music are the things that I’m deeply grateful for, as they help me see the world not just as it is, but as a better version of it. Personal growth stories and topics that can bring beneficial to everyone’s self development is also my deep interest. These are the important parts of this little corner.

Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to drop me your personal thoughts at baotran237@gmail.com, or comment in any post that may resonate with you.

Sending you love from this side of the world.



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