The magical worlds inside books

“Sleep is good, he said, and books are better.”

George R.R. Martin

I first knew about Helen Hoang was by reading an excerpt of her second book “The Bride Test”, on Buzzfeed Read. I was instantly hooked and I’m a sucker for a good rom-com. So I was really eager to get both of her books around the same time. Both did not disappointed. I have never had such a good time reading such heart-warming love stories every since my university days, where I laughed out loud reading Sophia Kinsella “Can you keep a secret?“, weeped at Cecelia Ahern’s “Where Rainbow Ends“, and Marc Levy has some of my favorite love stories that transcend time and spaces. I’m looking forward to read Helen Hoang’s 3rd book “The Heart Principle”.

If there is anything I enjoy as much as murder mystery, it would be rom-com story. I’ve got that perfect guilty pleasure for you in The Kiss Quotient, and the sequel “The Bride Test”.

“Stella is an econometrician with Asperger syndrome who’d much rather spend weekends in the office then settle down like her parents want. When she hires male escort Michael Phan to guide her through what’s entailed with dating, things get interesting.” I copied this sypnosis on the internet.

This was one of the highlights in my journey of finding back my reading groove. The story is sweet, not at all cringy I promise you that. The romantic aspect of this relationship comes slowly and steady, and by mid book you would root for the main characters so bad, you may even pour a drink and slip into the blissful mood after that happy ending.

This series bring to life one of the hottest Asian men I have ever read in fiction and I can’t wait for the next one – still work in progress last time I checked – to indulge myself in the tender and authentic love that is so lack these days in rom-com genre.

“The Kiss Quotient” at Bookdepository

I cried by the end of the book.
It reminded me of how I laughed out loud reading Sophie Kinsella’s “Can you keep a secret?”, and how I cried ugly during the last few pages of Cecelia Ahern’s “Where rainbow ends”. Yes, this book is that magical to me.

I enjoyed it for the sincerity in writing, adorable story, the raw emotions flowing throughout the book and the realness in the characters.

I read played a scene in my mind as if I’m watching a movie and every scene was colourful, emotional and lively.

This is one of those books I wouldn’t mind read again, just so I can relive the happiness Helen’s fictional world brings.

“The Bride Test” at Bookdepository

* Disclaimer: I don’t earn anything if you buy from Bookdepository links, I just purchase books from there all the time – they have free delivery mostly worldwide, and they have a vast variety of books.

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